Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Digital selling insights

Orchestrating data from multiple sources is important when compiling an accurate "big picture" to inform strategic action. This infographic offers 5 keys to provide insights and recommendations to your team.

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Deploy and protect endpoints for hybrid work environments

Digital transformation is accelerating and keeping up with advancements adds complexity for workers, technology, and security teams. With an ever-expanding attack surface, leaders are challenged to manage a growing number of devices and endpoints. Meet the evolving needs of today's business world with modern endpoints built on the Microsoft 365 and intelligent security cloud. You can build security into apps and device experiences that help reduce the threat of endpoint vulnerability, including adoption of Zero Trust and Secure Endpoints for Frontline workforce devices. Sign up to say connected—we'll help you learn more about how to deploy and protect endpoints for hybrid work environments.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Hybrid working and the physical workplace environment

The pandemic pushed fast forward on the hybrid workplace trend. Data shows that most workers prefer a balance of working from home and the office, and yet not everyone thrives in this environment. Now there are a number of questions pending: How do businesses manage this level of coordination? When and how much should things shift "back"? How will the result reshape workspaces and real estate needs? Learn where leaders are struggling to provide technical parity by design (rather than circumstance) to their workforce.


The new normal: Hybrid work means greater focus on endpoint security

We used to think of network security as a perimeter issue, but with so many endpoints, the perimeter no longer exists. Employees now work from various locations using different devices, making it is close to impossible for any single IT team to confirm that they're using protection mechanisms. Employees require safe, versatile endpoint experiences to perform at their best from anywhere in the world. How can organizations protect themselves? Endpoint security seeks out viruses, malware, and other risks and, if it finds them, it works to mitigate the risk to the rest of the network by keeping it locked down.


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Azure Workloads for Azure Virtual Desktop

Whether you already have a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure or are ready to kick off your journey with Azure, explore two adoption paths with the same outcome: secure, customizable Azure Virtual Desktop and app solutions supporting remote work for a hybrid workforce. Review the infographic to examine these parallel paths and the capabilities they unlock—from the only multi-session Windows 10/11 experience to remote app streaming.

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