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Unlocking Cloud Security with Microsoft Defender for Cloud


What is Defender for Cloud? Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a cutting-edge tool designed to strengthen the security posture of your cloud environments. It’s a unified platform that provides comprehensive visibility and control over security aspects across various cloud services, including Azure, AWS, and GCP. With Defender for Cloud, you can detect threats, assess vulnerabilities, and respond swiftly to keep your digital assets secure.

Licensing Defender for Cloud offers two main plans to cater to different security needs:

  • Plan 1: This is the foundational level, providing essential security features for your cloud workloads.
  • Plan 2: This advanced plan includes all the features of Plan 1, plus additional capabilities for a more robust security framework.

Both plans are designed to be flexible and scalable, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can protect their cloud resources effectively.

Features and Benefits Defender for Cloud boasts an array of features that empower organizations to:

  • Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities: With continuous scanning and risk assessment, you can pinpoint and fix security gaps promptly.
  • Enhance Compliance: Leverage a comprehensive set of tools to stay compliant with industry regulations and standards.
  • Secure Workloads: Protect servers, containers, and databases from cyber threats with advanced threat protection.
  • Streamline Security Management: Automated security checks and policy enforcement simplify the task of securing your cloud environment.

Services Techgyan Can Offer At Techgyan, we specialize in providing both Professional and Managed Security Services tailored to your needs:

  • Professional Services: We offer one-time services such as vulnerability assessments, compliance reviews, and attack path analysis to fortify your security posture.
  • Managed Services: Our ongoing services include continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response to ensure your cloud workloads are protected round the clock.

With Techgyan, you gain a trusted partner that helps you navigate the complexities of cloud security with ease.

Ready to Elevate Your Cloud Security? Don’t let security concerns hold you back. Contact Techgyan today to learn how our expert services can safeguard your cloud journey. Whether you’re looking for a one-time assessment or ongoing protection, we’re here to provide the security solutions you need. Reach out to us, and let’s make your cloud environment a fortress against threats.

Suresh Ramani 

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Microsoft Teams based Intranet Solution


I am pleased to announce the release of Teamwork 365 Intranet . It will enable Customers to m ake full use of the Productivity features available in Microsoft 365 Platform . Even users of the entry level Business Basic can use this Solution.


Teamwork 365 Intranet is Productivity on Steroids. It is a Teams based Intranet Solution which offers instant Productivity to Companies which use Microsoft 365 as a Platform. It is one place to go for managing most of the Productivity needs in the Work Day. And what’s more, we keep enhancing this Solution as we believe that Productivity is a Journey and NOT a Destination.


Do check this resource and video on our website to get a clear idea of how this Solution can help you increase the Productivity of your Team.


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with warm regards

 Suresh Ramani

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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Protect Information in Emails and Documents with Microsoft Sensitivity Labels


Sensitivity Labels help in protecting your Organization’s data and  in preventing leakage especially from Emails and Documents.  

Some of the business use cases for using sensitivity labels are: 

  • You can prevent data leakage by  applying sensitivity labels  on Email such that a) only internal Company users can see the Email body b) only specific users in the Company can see the Email content  . 

  • You can apply labels to documents such that a) only users within Company can open the documents b) Sometime you may wish to restrict the contents of the document  only to specific set of users within the Company .  In this case even the other  users in the Company will not be able to view document contents.  Labels so applied will travel with the document . This will protect content even  if the document t is copied in Pen Drive.  

  • You can comply with regulatory requirements by applying sensitivity labels that match your organization’s policies and standards. For example, you can apply a “GDPR” label to files that contain personal data of EU citizens and restrict their sharing outside the EU. 

  • You can enhance collaboration by applying sensitivity labels that allow different levels of access and permissions for internal and external users. For example, you can apply a “Public” label to files that can be shared with anyone, or a “Partners” label to files that can be shared with specific external partners. 


Sensitivity Labels are a great way to protect vital Corporate Information . They are especially useful to prevent leakage from Emails and Documents .  This functionality is a part of Microsoft Information Protection, which is bundled with Microsoft 365 Business Premium and EMS E3

I hope this blog post helps you understand how Sensitivity Labels can help in Information Protection. 

Suresh Ramani 

Thursday, September 28, 2023

How Microsoft VIVA Insights can help you and your team thrive in the hybrid workplace


The world of work has changed dramatically in the past few years, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are working remotely or in hybrid settings, where they have to balance their work and personal lives, collaborate with colleagues across different locations and time zones, and cope with the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.


While these changes have brought many benefits, such as increased flexibility, productivity, and innovation, they have also created some risks, such as burnout, isolation, and disengagement. How can we ensure that we and our teams are not only surviving, but thriving in this new reality?


This is where Microsoft VIVA Insights comes in. Microsoft VIVA Insights is part of Microsoft VIVA, which is an employee experience platform built on Microsoft 365 that helps people and teams be their best from wherever they work. Microsoft VIVA Insights provides data-driven visibility into how work patterns affect wellbeing, productivity, and business performance. It offers personalized insights for building better work habits by summarizing your Microsoft 365 data about emails, meetings, calls, and chats. It also gives you useful recommendations, such as protecting time in the day for regular breaks, focused work, and learning that help improve wellbeing and boost productivity.


But Microsoft VIVA Insights is not just for individuals. It also helps managers and leaders understand how their teams and organizations are working, and what they can do to support them better. For example, managers can see how their team members are collaborating, communicating, and balancing their workloads. Leaders can see how work happens across the organization, and identify trends and opportunities for improvement. All these insights are privacy-protected and aggregated to respect individual privacy and support compliance with local regulations.


To illustrate how Microsoft VIVA Insights can help you and your team thrive in the hybrid workplace, let's look at some use cases for different roles and scenarios.


## Use case 1: A software engineer who wants to optimize her focus time


Madhuri is a software engineer who works remotely from her home office. She loves her job, but she often feels overwhelmed by the amount of emails, messages, and meetings she has to deal with every day. She finds it hard to concentrate on her coding tasks, and sometimes she works late into the night to catch up.


Madhuri decides to try Microsoft VIVA Insights to see if it can help her optimize her focus time. She installs the VIVA Insights app in Microsoft Teams and on the web, and starts to explore her personal insights. She sees a summary of how she spends her time at work, including how much time she spends on focused work, collaboration, learning, and wellbeing activities. She also sees how her work patterns compare to those of her peers.


She notices that she spends less time on focused work than her peers, and that she often has meetings during her peak productivity hours. She also sees that she rarely takes breaks during the day, and that she works longer hours than her peers.


Madhuri decides to follow some of the recommendations that VIVA Insights gives her to improve her focus time. She uses the Focus plan feature to book recurring blocks of time in her calendar for uninterrupted work. She also uses the Shared focus time feature to coordinate with her teammates when they want to focus together. She sets up notifications to remind her to take regular breaks throughout the day. She also uses the Focus mode feature in Teams to minimize distractions from chats and calls while she is focusing.


Check the picture below  which shows details of Focus plan:



Check picture below which shows how Mindfulness can be achieved  with guided Meditation  :


After a few weeks of using these features, Madhuri feels more productive and less stressed. She is able to finish her coding tasks faster and with fewer errors. She also feels more connected with her teammates, as they respect each other's focus time and collaborate more effectively.


## Use case 2: A project manager who wants to improve his team's collaboration


Suresh is a project manager who leads a team of six developers working on a new feature for a web application. His team is distributed across different locations and time zones. He wants to make sure that his team is collaborating well and delivering high-quality work on time.


Suresh decides to use Microsoft VIVA Insights to see how his team is working together. He accesses the Manager insights feature in the VIVA Insights app in Teams, which gives him a dashboard of key metrics about his team's collaboration patterns. He sees how much time his team spends on meetings, emails, chats, calls, documents, code reviews, etc. He also sees how his team members interact with each other and with other teams.


He notices that his team has a lot of meetings every week, but not all of them are effective or necessary. He also sees that some of his team members are more isolated than others, and that they don't communicate much with other teams. He also sees that his team has a high workload and a low wellbeing score.


Suresh decides to follow some of the recommendations that VIVA Insights gives him to improve his team's collaboration. He uses the Meeting feedback feature to collect feedback from his team members after each meeting, and to see how they rate the meeting's effectiveness, relevance, and engagement. He also uses the Praise sharing and trends feature to recognize his team members for their achievements, and to see how they appreciate each other's work. He also uses the No-meeting days feature to reserve one day per week for focused work and learning.

Teamwork Communication Habits :


Teamwork Collaborators :



After a few weeks of using these features, Suresh sees an improvement in his team's collaboration and performance. He is able to reduce the number of meetings and make them more productive and engaging. He also sees that his team members are more connected and supportive of each other, and that they communicate better with other teams. He also sees that his team has a lower workload and a higher wellbeing score.


## Use case 3: A senior leader who wants to drive organizational change


Satya is a senior leader who oversees the digital transformation strategy for his organization. He wants to drive organizational change and innovation by fostering a culture of learning, agility, and diversity.


Satya decides to use Microsoft VIVA Insights to see how work happens across the organization, and what he can do to support it better. He accesses the Leader insights feature in the VIVA Insights app in Teams, which gives him a comprehensive view of the organization's work patterns, trends, and opportunities. He  sees how the organization spends time on different types of work activities, such as focused work, collaboration, learning, etc. He  also sees how the organization collaborates internally and externally, across teams, functions, geographies, etc.


He  notices that the organization has a low learning score, which means that employees don't spend enough time on learning new skills or knowledge. He also sees that the organization has a low diversity score, which means that employees don't collaborate much with people from different backgrounds or perspectives. He also sees that the organization has a high burnout risk, which means that employees work long hours and don't take enough breaks.

Satya decides to follow some of the recommendations that VIVA Insights gives him to drive organizational change. He uses the Prebuilt report library feature to access ready-made reports on topics such as learning culture, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, etc. He also uses the Advanced tools and prebuilt analysis accelerators feature to create custom reports and visualizations on specific questions or hypotheses. He also uses the Holistic insight across sentiment and behavioral data feature (coming soon) to combine data from VIVA Insights with data from VIVA Glint and VIVA Pulse, which are employee feedback tools that measure employee sentiment and engagement.


After a few months of using these features, Sayta sees a positive change in the organization's culture and performance. He is able to increase the organization's learning score by promoting a culture of continuous learning and providing access to relevant learning content through VIVA Learning. He is also able to increase the organization's diversity score by promoting a culture of inclusion and belonging and providing opportunities for cross-functional and cross-cultural collaboration. He is also able to reduce the organization's burnout risk by promoting a culture of wellbeing and balance and providing support for employee wellbeing through VIVA Insights.




I hope this blog post helps you understand how Microsoft VIVA Insights can help you and your team thrive in the hybrid workplace. If you want to learn more about Microsoft VIVA Insights  contact Us.

with warm regards

Suresh Ramani  

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Bing Chat Enterprise: Your AI-Powered Chat for Work

Have you ever wished you had a smart assistant that could help you with various tasks at work, such as generating content, analyzing data, summarizing documents, learning skills, writing code, and more? If so, you might be interested in Bing Chat Enterprise, a new feature from Microsoft that gives your organization AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection.


Sunday, July 23, 2023

Using Google GMail with Microsoft Teams

 If you are a Google Gsuite User who wants to use the World's Best Collaboration Platform , Microsoft Teams , but cannot since you are not in a position to migrate your Email system from Gmail to Microsoft Exchange Online, here is some good news. You can now have a Hybrid system where you continue using Google Gmail for Email and use Microsoft Teams for Collaboration. Do check the Video with Demo in the link below . And do share your comments for the same.  

Here is the Link to the Article and Video which has a Demo included :

And do share your feedback in the comments section

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Microsoft Modern Workplace for SMB Worldwide Partner of the Year Award Finalist

 Now this is HUGE ! I am absolutely delighted to inform you that our Company TechGyan has  been recognized as a Finalist for the 2022 Microsoft Modern Workplace for Small and Mid Business Worldwide Partner of the Year Award . 

And this is HUGE because Microsoft Partners from more than 100  Countries do their Award Submission in pre defined Categories every year.
And its HUGE because it means that our focus on delivering Purpose Driven Digital Transformation Solutions for our Customers is being recognized by Microsoft at the Global Level !

On behalf of all TechGyanis, I wish to thank our Customers AND  Microsoft AND our Associates AND our Well wishers . While we will celebrate this award for sure, it also means that we now have to work harder to ensure that our Technology Solutions namely #Teamwork365 ; #SecureIT365 and #DataCenter365 make lasting impact on our Customers . 

And as Spiderman would probably say “ With Great Recognition comes Great Responsibility “.
Thank You once again !

Learn more here about the Awards Announcement  :  Microsoft Modern Workplace for SMB Worldwide Partner of the Year Award Finalist — TechGyan - Cloud Changes Everything