Thursday, January 19, 2017

Copy files from Office 365 OneDrive to SharePoint

Office 365 Productivity Platform comes with 2 major Workloads for managing Documents:

SharePoint Team Sites are a great way to store Documents which are relevant to Teams like Sales, Admin, etc.

OneDrive for Business is the place where a User creates and stores documents relevant to him and which he occasionally shares with his colleagues within and outside the Company.

As a part of the work process , a user usually starts creating a document in his OneDrive . However , later he may realize that this document is also needed by Team members . So he would need to copy this to the Document Library of the relevant SharePoint Team Site.

To facilitate this , a User can directly do a Cloud to Cloud copy of a Document from his OneDrive to SharePoint Team site .

To know about the process visit : Copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint

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