Monday, January 31, 2022

Welcome to Microsoft 365 and Surface Ebook

This eBook discusses the ways in which the modern workplace is evolving and how Microsoft Surface equips you to respond.

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Cloud Desktops: Six Points for the Journey from DIY to SaaS

In the last twenty years, application software has made the transition from a legacy DIY Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) model to a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Today, this same transformation is available for virtual desktops. Learn how steps in the journey to SaaS—such as simplifying IT operations and improving reliability—can enhance security, performance, and horizontal scalability.


REI embraces hybrid work with Microsoft Teams and Surface Hub

REI is the largest consumer cooperative in the United States specializes in camping gear, outdoor apparel, and equipment. The popular Northwest company uses Microsoft Teams Connect capabilities to simplify how employees collaborate with external parties outside the company—with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune key to its strategy for protecting mobile devices. During the pandemic, REI sold their campus and were fully committed to a hybrid work strategy. The fact that they had implemented products within the Microsoft 365 platform helped ensure their success in their new workplace environment.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Turn prospects into engaged customers

Today's B2B buyers have high expectations, and those expectations will not be met if B2B buyers are accustomed to sophisticated consumer interactions in their personal lives. Executive B2B buyers are not impressed by marketing driven by large, relatively impersonal data analysis that leads to inconsistent and conflicting interactions or sales outreach that doesn't cater specifically to their needs at the right time. This blog recommends taking a new approach that unifies relationship data across the full customer lifecycle.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Highly scalable, always up to date, and available on any device

Simplify deployment and management of your infrastructure and scale quickly based on your evolving business needs with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Configure network settings, add users, deploy desktop apps, and enable security with a few clicks. Give your employees the best tools available, securely on whatever device, to accelerate your organization's growth. Sign up and stay connected to receive future updates on Azure solutions.

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Engaging at scale

This infographic represents successful companies' consensus about which sales tools are most effective in enabling their sales teams to engage at scale with target accounts.

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ESNEFT Customer Success Story

See how East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) has transformed the way they engage with staff and patients using Microsoft Teams and Surface devices to deliver on their #TimeMatters digital program.

Protect your endpoints with top EDR software

Companies must now consider endpoint detection and response software (EDR) with AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as threat intelligence databases, to function in a safer, evolving digital environment. However, most of the features users expect from popular EDR tools, such as device control, advanced threat targeting, and rollback, are either unavailable or require an additional fee. Microsoft Defender for Endpoints (formerly Defender Advanced Threat Protection) integrates into the source code of Windows, making it an obvious choice for its devices. (It's also available for Mac and Linux.) Defender for Endpoints simplifies management while also providing strong security and a wide variety of standard features.


Worldwide logistics provider connects the dots, boosts ROI with Dynamics 365 Marketing

How does a global company connect its salespeople to customers in an efficient yet personal way? Rotterdam-based Broekman Logistics decided to add the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing app to the company's existing Dynamics 365 Sales app to make it even easier and more efficient to find and develop high-quality leads and nurture customer relationships. As a result, Broekman Logistics not only increased its sales, but also gained valuable insights that it uses to sharpen sales management. The real engine behind global logistics? It's all about a smooth collaboration between sales and marketing.


Monday, January 24, 2022

Transforming the way we work

This infographic highlights the benefits that make Surface the top choice for today's organizations and employees.

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Kohler Co. embraces culture of agility and productivity with Microsoft 365

Global manufacturer Kohler had just begun implementing Microsoft 365 when the pandemic hit. With employees all over the world affected by new work-from-home mandates, the company turned to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (previously Windows Virtual Desktop). Kohler tailored its response to each country and addressed shortages of equipment by leveraging the Azure Virtual Desktop capabilities that enable employee-owned devices to connect to on-premises engineering systems as well as other work-critical resources. During the ramp up, some 600 devices a week were enrolled using Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Intune, permitting a "bring your own device" approach while maintaining security standards.


The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a solution that provides on-premises and cloud-based devices with tools (as well as the ability to co-manage with them) to provision, deploy, manage, and secure endpoints. It also enables insights into endpoint health and performance and remediates vulnerabilities in multiple areas—all while significantly reducing costs. It gives organizations the enhanced control and monitoring to support employees with minimal impact on user experience while preventing data loss and applying Zero Trust best practices. Subscribe to stay connected—we'll help you ensure a more secure, productive work environment throughout your organization.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Digital selling insights

Orchestrating data from multiple sources is important when compiling an accurate "big picture" to inform strategic action. This infographic offers 5 keys to provide insights and recommendations to your team.

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Deploy and protect endpoints for hybrid work environments

Digital transformation is accelerating and keeping up with advancements adds complexity for workers, technology, and security teams. With an ever-expanding attack surface, leaders are challenged to manage a growing number of devices and endpoints. Meet the evolving needs of today's business world with modern endpoints built on the Microsoft 365 and intelligent security cloud. You can build security into apps and device experiences that help reduce the threat of endpoint vulnerability, including adoption of Zero Trust and Secure Endpoints for Frontline workforce devices. Sign up to say connected—we'll help you learn more about how to deploy and protect endpoints for hybrid work environments.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Hybrid working and the physical workplace environment

The pandemic pushed fast forward on the hybrid workplace trend. Data shows that most workers prefer a balance of working from home and the office, and yet not everyone thrives in this environment. Now there are a number of questions pending: How do businesses manage this level of coordination? When and how much should things shift "back"? How will the result reshape workspaces and real estate needs? Learn where leaders are struggling to provide technical parity by design (rather than circumstance) to their workforce.


The new normal: Hybrid work means greater focus on endpoint security

We used to think of network security as a perimeter issue, but with so many endpoints, the perimeter no longer exists. Employees now work from various locations using different devices, making it is close to impossible for any single IT team to confirm that they're using protection mechanisms. Employees require safe, versatile endpoint experiences to perform at their best from anywhere in the world. How can organizations protect themselves? Endpoint security seeks out viruses, malware, and other risks and, if it finds them, it works to mitigate the risk to the rest of the network by keeping it locked down.


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Azure Workloads for Azure Virtual Desktop

Whether you already have a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure or are ready to kick off your journey with Azure, explore two adoption paths with the same outcome: secure, customizable Azure Virtual Desktop and app solutions supporting remote work for a hybrid workforce. Review the infographic to examine these parallel paths and the capabilities they unlock—from the only multi-session Windows 10/11 experience to remote app streaming.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Sell smarter with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365

In this video, you'll see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Office 365 go beyond sales force automation to leverage CRM, engagement data, and insights to help your enterprise break down silos, drive more efficient sales, and win more revenue.

What's New in MS Teams Platform

In May 2020, Microsoft Teams announced new meetings, calling, devices, chat, collaboration, platform, and industry features that are not to be missed. Read this article to stay up-to-date on the smart, simple, and flexible ways to stay connected, productive, and to further expand your workplace collaboration.


Microsoft Edge as default browser for access to legacy web apps and better security

Today's users are looking for more ways to remain productive while working on any device. Businesses have security top of mind, and so with those two goals, Global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline chose Microsoft Edge as its single web browser. The IT team responsible for the Microsoft Edge deployment of over 130,000 employees enrolled every Windows 10 device in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. With Microsoft Edge now on their internal store, end users could install it on-demand—a perfect solution for employees who are asking for more ways to work the way that they want. With a consolidated default browser, legacy web apps are secure.


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The power of relationship selling

In this report—a collaboration between Microsoft and Heinz Marketing—you'll find insights gleaned from over 200 in-depth surveys with top sales leaders. Learn how to achieve desired sales goals, maximize the effectiveness of customer data, and take more strategic steps toward building personal relationships using data-driven engagement tactics.

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Putting the Team back in Teamwork

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the ultimate collaboration and teamwork application where users can easily add, customize, and find everything they need in one place. In this article, learn the basics around navigating Teams, discover new features for stronger collaboration, and examine business scenarios to understand the benefits as it integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.


7 requirements for the digital workplace in 2021 and beyond

Digital collaboration is here to stay. For years, employees have been collaborating using digital tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. But due to recent events like the pandemic and employees demanding flexibility, organizations across the globe and a range of industries are choosing virtualization with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) to "future-proof" their businesses. Sign up to download the full e-book "7 requirements for the digital workplace in 2021 and beyond" and explore the digital workplace of today and tomorrow.

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Solution overview video

This video highlights the benefits of using Activate Digital Selling solutions from Microsoft. Make the digital buying experience rich, personal, and efficient with predictive AI and unified customer data.

Stay productive while working remotely

Microsoft aims to keep teams connected while they work apart by making Microsoft Teams available to as many people as possible. In this article, learn how Teams allows you to chat, meet, call, learn, and collaborate all in one place. You will also find resources on getting started with teams for free, best practices on running virtual and inclusive meetings, and tips to foster community while working remotely.


Monday, January 10, 2022

Strengthening connection with remote communities with Windows 365

Nunavut, located in the northernmost region of Canada, has a large population under the age of 25, distributed across remote communities with no connecting roads. The IT team in Nunavut's government collaborated with Microsoft on a pilot rollout of Windows 365 to help maintain remote government operations during COVID-19 and as part of a larger strategic initiative to provide more efficient community services to all its citizens. With Windows 365, Nunavut can deploy virtual endpoints to a government employee's device using Microsoft Endpoint Manager—no small challenge in dealing with getting users up and running with personalized, highly secure cloud PC service.


Low Code

Create at the speed of innovation with Power Apps low-code tools. This infographic shows how you can build custom apps in hours—not months—that connect to your existing data and systems to solve problems faster and drive efficiency.

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New York City Department of Environmental Protection enables remote work in day

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP)—responsible for moving a billion gallons of fresh water in each day while taking storm and wastewater out—used Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop to shift roughly 2,000 employees to remote work in a matter of days. The move proved 90% faster than using traditional VPN connections, which it favored in the past. The choice paid off with faster connection speeds, more robust scalability, and multifactor authentication with access to both cloud and on-premises applications.


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Gartner Peer Insights 'Voice of the Customer': CRM Lead Management

Gartner Peer Insights compares vendors' customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which can then be used to determine best practices for your own business. This study in statistics provides insight on the best ways to capture and manage leads.


Transition to Cloud: Secure your business with technology you can trust

Today's complicated virtual business reality makes it difficult to secure fragmented IT or cloud point solutions. As we've seen, natural disasters and political tensions require always-on from anywhere tech solutions. We know that Microsoft 365 helps businesses stay agile in these uncertain economic times with cost savings and cloud advances. Need proof? This infographic illustrates how organizations further along in their transition from on-prem to the cloud are more likely to report positive experiences among employees and end users about securing data and personal privacy.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Why choose Azure Virtual Desktop?

When choosing a virtualization solution such as Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, you want to provide employees with the same experience they'd have on a local desktop or laptop—whether they're managing their inbox with Outlook, sharing files in OneDrive, or collaborating with colleagues on Microsoft Teams. Review the infographic for a handy checklist that includes choice of platform (including MacOS/iOS, HTML5, and Android), a like-local Microsoft Windows experience, containerized user profiles, and more.

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Alcoa puts Firstline Workers at the center of its digital transformation

Alcoa, headquartered in Pittsburgh, is a global leader in bauxite, alumina, and aluminum production with locations in 10 countries. Alcoa deployed Microsoft 365 to improve communication and processes as part of the company's priority to reduce complexity. Employees at the company's Iceland facility embraced Microsoft Teams, using it to access business information from any location and on their own mobile devices. Alcoa uses Teams and Microsoft 365 to become more operator-centric with solutions that enable their employees in Iceland to manage schedules efficiently, streamline processes, and improve communication.


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The Art of Teamwork Guide

Team building is fundamentally important for your business to thrive. This article provides activities designed to enhance the interpersonal dynamics essential to a team's ability to bond together. Every core element has thought starters for those ready to dive in and a facilitator guide for those who want to take it to their team.


Fostering a Culture of Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace

Driven by the pandemic and technology that reduces the limitations of remote work, company culture is no longer confined to the four walls of the office. But that doesn't mean that work culture has disappeared. Organizations are now faced with creating strong connections with remote workers. Learn about the three major challenges leaders need to address so workers feel engaged, productive, and inspired.


Monday, January 3, 2022

Buying is a journey

Go beyond transactions and interactions to give your buyers unique experiences that build trust. Transform the sales experience with Dynamics 365 Sales. Features include enabling smarter selling with contextual AI, increasing sales profitably with advanced insights, and improving coaching and sales performance.

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Firstline Workers are often the first to engage with your customers, to represent your brand, and to see products in action. Empower your Firstline Workforce with @Microsoft Teams, which empowers your entire organization.

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Fast forward: How cloud computing could transform risk management

Attitudes toward the shift to cloud computing are changing—even in the banking world, which has been reluctant to make the transition from on-premises to the cloud due to customer data security concerns. The chief information officer (CIO) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston noted recently that ignoring the cloud may introduce security vulnerabilities as on-premises vendors discontinue support for their products. Learn what executives are saying about how and why risk management needs to act now. Get up to speed on the benefits across the six stages of the life cycle for risk model development, and how Microsoft 365 can help build cloud computing infrastructures.