Wednesday, August 19, 2015

De Clutter Your Email Inbox with Clutter


Email has become absolutely indispensable for any Organization, Large or Small. However , the flip side of the same is that every user is getting more and more mails every day. However, not all the mails received are equally important . Typically , the mails can be divided into multiple categories:


Probably Useful


Very Important

The Irrelevant mails should be marked as SPAM or JUNK . Exchange Online , which is part of Office 365 , has a very powerful Anti Spam Engine which takes care the Spam Mails. In any case , this category of mails is such that User does not wish to spend anytime on these mails. So it is relatively easy to deal with them. Trash them !

It is the second Category of Mails , the ones that are probably useful , but not important . The bulk of non spam mails received belong to this Category. So these mails sit along with very useful mails and then overwhelm the User . To deal with this Category of Emails , a new tool has been launched in Office 365 . Its called Clutter .

To know more about Clutter , visit the following link :

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