Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Centrally Manage Mobiles, Tablets and Computers with the Cloud

Almost every Company allows users to access Corporate Data from their personal mobiles and tablets and Home Computers.  But one strange fact is that while the I.T. Team takes great care to protect the Work PC by applying patches centrally , locking down the device and monitoring them, they are absolutely clueless when it comes to managing the User owned device like Mobiles , Tablets and personal Computers. It’s like putting 3 locks on your main door but leaving your Windows wide open. As a result , the User Devices constitute the biggest threat to Companies in terms of data loss and Cyber Crimes.

Now there is a Way !  A Cloud based Solution from Microsoft , which is a combination of 3 essential services , addresses this problem in an elegant and cost effective manner and  offers a Comprehensive  Solution for  end to end Security for Mobile Devices and even Corporate PCs. And being subscription based Cloud Service , it is possible for even Companies with as low as 5 users to adopt this Solution.

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