Thursday, May 30, 2024

Cloud Security Advice for Nonprofit Leaders”-

Five ways to boost your nonprofit’s cybersecurity today

Don’t put fundraising, constituent services, advocacy, or other important activities on hold while you strengthen your organization’s security stance. You can drive progress toward your goals while taking a great leap forward to protect data and systems.

Leading cloud providers like Microsoft have created highly secure, global infrastructures and have made investments in security research and development that would not be possible for most nonprofits and businesses. As a result, you can benefit from the powerful security capabilities that are built into Microsoft 365 and the cloud applications your team members may already use.

Take a look at the Microsoft e-book “Cloud Security Advice for Nonprofit Leaders” and discover five ways to transform security and minimize your risk exposure—without complicating your technology environment or adding to your IT team’s administrative workload. The infographic covers such topics as:

  • Enabling secure work from anywhere and safe collaboration for staff, donors, board members, and volunteers
  • Advancing security with data insight and predictive analytics
  • Extending protection to mobile and cloud-based applications and services
  • Managing users’ access and identities with minimal privileges
  • Implementing single sign-on for stronger security and a better user experience

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