Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Nonprofit Resource Guide for Your Database Migration

Drive mission success with cloud technology and programs designed for nonprofits

By migrating applications, databases, and other processes to the cloud, you may be able to accomplish more with your budget and resources while empowering team members and strengthening your connections with volunteers and constituents. Successful nonprofits already take advantage of modern cloud technology as they deliver services, raise and manage funds, and drive growth. In the Microsoft resource guide “Migrating to Azure,” you’ll find which tools and resources they use and how you, too, can benefit your organization by moving to the cloud.

The guide describes how you can perform a successful, efficient cloud migration and modernization of your nonprofit’s workloads. Content highlights include:

  • Microsoft tools that help you perform a best practice-infused migration
  • Projecting the likely benefits of cloud migration in such areas as constituent services, donor and volunteer engagement, fundraising, operations management, cybersecurity, and cost control
  • Best practices for determining the optimal migration path and migration tool for each workload
  • Preparing your new Azure platform and performing an efficient, predictable migration
  • Azure training courses to help nonprofits accelerate mission success in the cloud
  • Getting started with a Microsoft Azure Grant of $3,500 (USD) in services credits
We know how to help nonprofits benefit from the cloud. Contact us today for assistance.


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