Thursday, May 23, 2024

Enterprise Grade Protection for Small & Medium Businesses | Microsoft Defender for Business

Powerful digital security keeps your mission on track

Most nonprofits would rather spend their funds on activities that directly support their goals and constituents as opposed to increasing operational overhead. But they still need to safeguard their technology users, data, and systems against digital attacks and crimes. Many attackers specifically target nonprofits and smaller organizations.

What if there was a convenient, manageable, enterprise-strength security solution that would stand guard over your environment to disrupt attacks in process, alert you to risks, and forestall future threats? Take a few minutes to watch this demo of Microsoft Defender for Business to get an idea how this solution protects your entire network and all endpoints—not just Windows PCs, but also Macs, iPhones, and Android devices.

The main topics covered in the demo and discussion of Defender for Business are:

  • Automatic threat detection and incident response
  • Unified, cross-platform threat analysis
  • Risk exposure mitigation and security recommendations
  • Awareness of emerging threats
  • Real-time event visibility
  • Isolating compromised devices
  • Simple, standardized solution setup
As your nonprofit technology and security partner, we’re here to help you keep focused on your mission without risking disruption from digital crime. We know how to implement seamless security in a smooth, efficient manner, so staff members can carry on working without distractions—but with greater peace of mind


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