Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MS Office Licensing


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Microsoft Office or MS Office , as it is popularly called, is the World’s favorite productivity software . It is arguably the most widely used software application in the World. It is available via different modes for different kinds of Customers. Many times , the Customers are not clear about which is the best way to procure MS Office.

In order to help Customers make an informed decision , I have created a short 14 minute video which explains various ways in which MS Office can be procured. Please watch the video by clicking at the link below:

MS Office Licensing

The above video is also available on our YouTube Channel at

I would also recommend that you watch a more general video on Microsoft Licensing which I had created a while ago. This video will clear a lot of concepts regarding Microsoft Licensing schemes. It remains one of our most watched videos :

Microsoft Licensing basics

The above video is also available on our YouTube Channel at

Do share your valuable feedback as it will help me to prepare videos which are more useful.

You may also watch other videos which are listed in our YouTube Channel at

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