Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yammer … The Enterprise Social Platform


The usage of Social Media has in recent years skyrocketed. Almost everyone is familiar with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Tools like Facebook make it very easy for people to collaborate with features  like tagging, sharing information, making comments, newsfeed etc. One thought which comes in mind is that would it not be great to use such tool in Business for collaboration? But many Businesses are not willing to do so because of following issues:

1) Privacy concerns of Social Media

2) Workers could easily get distracted and spend time on personal non work stuff

Yammer is a perfect Solution in this scenario. It is a Facebook like Social Network but is restricted to the Company and external stake holders like Suppliers, Consultants, etc.

It is a part of Office 365 , the Cloud Productivity Platform from Microsoft.

To know more about Business Benefits of Yammer please click on the link below :

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