Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mobile Device Management in Office365


There is a virtual explosion of Mobile devices at the Workplace. Almost everyone at work now uses his Mobile device for tasks related to work. While this has led to an increase in productivity , the downside is that the Mobile device has now become the single biggest source of leakage of Corporate Data . This is mainly due to the fact that the Corporate IT has no means to manage the User Mobile. Or if there are some 3rd party tools, they are so expensive and complicated to use that the IT does not have the resources to learn and implement the same.

Enter Office365 !

Exchange Online, which is a part of Office365 , the Cloud based Productivity Platform from Microsoft , has extensive inbuilt features which can assist the Corporate IT in managing the Mobile Devices.

To know more about how you can use Office365 for Mobile  Device management ,  visit


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  1. Yes its a absolutely correct because in today generation wast of people are using mobile phone and that's why its more and more possibility to faced these problem. Mobile device management vs mobile application management is not always the appropriate debate The lines between the two have blurred and the best devices. that's why i am suggesting a beautiful site name as cloudwedge these solve your problem easily. thanks