Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Using Common Email Address Book in Office365


In my blog dated December 11, 2013, I had discussed about how you can share an Address Book in a Company using a combination of SharePoint and Outlook . Today I will discuss another way in which you can share one Common Address Book within a Company using MS Exchange and MS Outlook. The feature of MS Exchange which allows you to share a common Address Book is called as Public Folder of MS Exchange .

Savings by using Common Address Book for a Company

So if we assume that an average person takes about 5 minutes to fill up an Outlook address contact , then for 300 contacts and 100 people Company, the time savings are:

5 x 300 x 100 = 1,50,000 minutes = 2500 hours

So at average cost to Company per hour per person being about Rs. 200, this translates to a saving of Rs. 5,00,000. This is not a small saving by any measure.

Please do note that you cannot setup Shared Contacts on a Mobile . The only setup a Mobile allows is where you use the default address book . But on a PC or laptop, it works like a dream.

To understand how you can setup Company Address Book, which is called “Shared Contacts”, visit

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