Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scheduling a meeting with MS Exchange



Meetings are a lifeline of any Organization. However, the process of fixing a meeting is extremely tedious. So if a person wishes to initiate a meeting, the process of identifying a time slot where all attendees are available, is extremely time consuming and usually involves making multiple phone calls and lot of emails going back and forth.

Using MS Exchange, a part of Office365, the complete process of scheduling a meeting can be streamlined, thus saving lot of time.

Savings by using Common Address Book for a Company

Using the Meeting Scheduler feature of MS Exchange Online , the organizer is able to save at least 1 hour per meeting considering average meeting size of 5 people. Now if we calculate average of 10 meetings in a month, we are talking of savings of at least 10 hours . If the average cost of Rs. 500/= per hour is taken , it means that direct savings of at least Rs. 5000/= per month . That is quite a decent amount !

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